In l985, Dr. Eliezer Huberman of Argonne National Laboratory organized the first International Charles Heidelberger Symposium on Cancer Research at Argonne National Laboratory, in Argonne, Illinois. Since that time, there have been twenty International Charles Heidelberger Symposia on Cancer Research, held in Los Angeles, California, U. S. A. (twice), Honolulu, Hawaii, U. S. A. (three times), Germany (three times, once in Reisensburg, once at Essen and once at Ulm), Japan (once in Kyoto, once in Yokohama and once in Kagoshima), Bergen, Norway (once, 2002), Phitsanulok, Thailand (11th Meeting, 2005), Jerusalem, Israel (13th Meeting), The People's Republic of China (once at Urumqi and once in Xi'an), Arica, Chile (20th Meeting, 2014). A list of these meetings is as follows:
1stInternational Heidelberger SymposiumArgonne, Illinois, USAl985
2ndInternational Heidelberger SymposiumHonolulu, Hawaii, USAl987
3rdInternational Heidelberger SymposiumKyoto, Japanl989
4thInternational Heidelberger SymposiumMarina Del Rey, CA. USAl991
5thInternational Heidelberger SymposiumEssen, Germanyl994
6thInternational Heidelberger SymposiumHonolulu, Hawaii, USAl996
7thInternational Heidelberger SymposiumGunzburg, Germanyl997
8thInternational Heidelberger SymposiumMarina Del Rey, CA. USA2000
9thInternational Heidelberger SymposiumBergen, Norway2002
10thInternational Heidelberger SymposiumYokohama, Japan2004
11thInternational Heidelberger SymposiumPhitsanulok, Thailand2006
12thInternational Heidelberger SymposiumJersualem, Israel2007
13thInternational Heidelberger SymposiumNew York, New York USA2007
14thInternational Heidelberger SymposiumUrumqi, People's Rep. China2008
15thInternational Heidelberger SymposiumPhitsanulok, Thailand2010
16thInternational Heidelberger SymposiumCoimbra, Portugal2010
17thInternational Heidelberger SymposiumXi'an, China2011
18thInternational Heidelberger SymposiumUlm, Germany2012
19thInternational Heidelberger SymposiumKagoshima, Japan2013
20thInternational Heidelberger SymposiumArica, Chile2014